ABC is accredited by the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan as well by the two largest British international Exam Boards, Edexcel and Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). Furthermore, we are also a member of the European Council of International Schools.

As such, ABC is accredited as an Early Years, as well as a primary and secondary school, both for Azerbaijani and international students.

The accreditation system is explained more in detail below:





The first step for any school to operate legally is often an approval from the National Education Authorities, in our case the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan. They allow us to teach the National Curriculum for England and Wales, providing we also teach Azeri language and culture according to national plans. Approvals from other authorities are necessary as well, including health and safety.

We currently have all the necessary national accreditations and approvals.


Examination Centre Approval


The next step should normally be to have the school approved as an examination centre. There are several exam boards that offer this. Internationally the most important ones are Cambridge International Examinations and Edexcel. Approval from one or both of these assures that the school’s students can get an accredited qualification. They also train teachers, design and develop qualifications, and implements standards.

ABC has both of these accreditations.

Membership Associations


Membership associations provide quality assurance, recruitment assistance, training, networking, updates and represent members with the corporate sector and ministries of education. Membership is voluntary, but acts as a quality recognition for many students and parents. ABC is a member of the European Council of International School, and we are also a Candidate COBIS Member. Further, we have applied for a CIS membership. The Independent School Council (ISC) is an indirect membership through COBIS.