Dear, parents

From this year a new Electronic Control System has been launched at ABC. Parents now have the opportunity to monitor the academic progress of their child. The system allows parents to view the results of assessments which their child has undertaken. In order to use this software the parents must enter Electronic School Portal.After you send your e-mail address to the school you will be sent a user name and a code.The Electronic School Portal has the following advantages:

  1. View of the time-table.
  2. View the attendance of your child.
  3. See the assessment marks of your child.
  4. Get precise information about end of term results of your child.
  5. Keep informed of important issues.
  6. Enjoy seeing your child’s rewards.
  7. See the payment of the school fees.
  8. To get in touch with the teachers directly.

For additional information you can contact us by calling the below mentioned numbers:

+994125210.000 (48554)