ABC Early Years Foundation Stage


Our Mission


At BTEC our mission is to provide an enabling environment which promotes the learning and development of each unique child by giving them a safe and happy environment where they can grow in confidence and independence in preparation not only for school, but for life.


As Early Years practitioners we aim to provide children with an environment in which they have opportunities to:

  • Develop responsibility for themselves and their actions and to become competent, confident, independent and co-operative individuals.
  • Encourage children to have a positive attitude and respect for both themselves and other people.
  • Develop their communication skills
  • Use their senses to explore the world around them
  • Learn through active play and exploration
  • Extend skills and abilities by testing them out in a range of situations
  • Initiate, carry out and review their own interests
  • Have access to a range of resources that stimulate their thinking and creativity
  • Seek challenges and learn from mistakes
  • Progress by building on existing knowledge and understanding
  • Express choices, ideas and feelings
  • Enjoy learning and have fun


We recognise the unique nature of nurturing the learning of very young children with specific needs and develop our practices and procedures with this in mind. We are committed to the values and principles that underpin the Early Years Foundation Stage and Every Child Matters.