General Grade Placement

In general, students will be placed according to their age on September 1st of their year of entry. The school may extend this date to the 15th of September to comply with Azeri regulation. Where it is considered to be of benefit to the student, he/she may be placed in a lower grade than requested. Only under exceptional circumstances will a student be placed in a higher grade than his/her age group. In these cases, the cut-off date may be extended to December 31st. This is conditional upon a report from a recognised Educational Psychologist or equivalent that strongly recommends this. Such a report should take into consideration the student’s intellectual capabilities, social skills and emotional intelligence and development. Other factors to be considered for such a placement include:

  • The cut-off date in the child’s country of origin (where possible BTEC aims to avoid situations in which children will be penalized on return to their home country);
  • The child’s successful completion of the equivalent grade elsewhere;
  • A transcript or report cards from the previous year demonstrating exceptional academic performance and social skills. If a student is placed in a grade higher than his/her age-group, the parents are clearly informed that this initial placement is tentative, and that the school may advise a change of grade after the student’s abilities have been thoroughly observed. Any change of grade would normally take place within the first two months after the student’s entry into the school.


Requirements for specific grades

Certain specific requirements apply to three categories of students:

  • All applicants who have not yet attended school: It is recommended that all candidates in this category meet with the appropriate Principal and/or the Director of Studies prior to registration. This can be a mandatory requirement when it is deemed necessary by the school.
  • Nursery:
    1. The applicant must be fully toilet-trained before commencing school at ABC
    2. The applicant must be able to feed and dress him- or herself reasonably independently
  • Grades 12 and 13: To successfully transfer into Grade 12 or 13, students must coordinate their choice of subjects with the Director of Studies and/or Secondary School Principal, as they have an overall picture of the courses offered and the space available in each class.