The school doctor is in charge of providing medical care to pupils. The main task of the school doctor’s activities lies in preventive medical care, but at the same time the role of the school doctor is providing early identification of problems, interventions and promoting health and safety, intervention with actual and potential health problems, provision of case management services and actively collaborating with parents.

In addition, school doctor may provide interventions for acute and chronic illness, injuries and emergencies, communicable diseases, obesity, mental health, dental disease and nutrition.

The most important tasks of school doctors are:

  • Continuing care of pupils
  • Cooperation with other medical institutions in the education sector (such as school psychologists)
  • Examining all pupils in the course of the school year. Documentation of the examination results in the health file of the pupil
  • Informing parents or legal guardian in the case of pupils presenting a health risk;

School doctors are responsible for preventive measures, for promoting and maintaining the health  of the pupils as well as for monitoring the teachers’ and staff health.

Please inform us about any special requirements your children might have (allergies, being vegetarian, any religious dietary requirements). Please also inform us if there are temporary dietary requirements, for instance related to health issues.