Mentoring system

The mentor system at ABC is a core element in the school’s work to create and maintain a good learning and school environment and to ensure that the students are being taken good care of, which is in accordance with the legislation and regulations.

Students are encouraged to clarify their targets and we endeavour to facilitate varied and goal oriented activities.

Which learning strategies the students use for individual learning and when learning together with others, will depend on their skills, abilities, and the learning situation in question. We try to give the students’ knowledge about the importance of their own efforts and promote conscious use and development of learning strategies.

The mentor system at the school is vital with regards to the students’ right to have sufficient counseling, follow-up and help to make them feel comfortable during their schooling, getting help with specific academic challenges, and facing personal and social difficulties that affect their education.

The mentor has the overall responsibility for a group of up to 20 students throughout the academic year.

The students meet their mentor group the first day at school, and participate in the first mentor talk during their first weeks at school.

The first mentor talk will include the targets regarding academic results and expectations of ABC. It will contribute to the students becoming conscious about what they have learned and what they have to learn to achieve their targets. The mentor is also responsible for implementing follow-up talks with parents and student, if the parents so wish.  The follow-up talks are between the mentor and the student, as well as parents, and minimum four times during the academic year.

As the social aspect is very important for the students to feel comfortable and thrive at school, an important part of a mentor’s job is to work with challenges regarding the learning environment and social togetherness. Topics regarding the psychosocial environment will be important elements for mentor-time with the classes and the mentor talks.