1. Conditions of the scholarships will be approved by SOCAR and the amount of the scholarship will be transferred from SOCAR to the ABC account.
  2. Only Azerbaijani citizens studying at ABC are eligible for scholarships.
  3. Scholarships are granted for one academic year at a time.
  4. Non-ABC students can also qualify for scholarships if they are successful in the external assessment. They must subsequently enrol at ABC.
  5. Scholarships will be applied to the students in Years 2-13 in 2016-2017 on the basis of results of the current academic year.
  6. To qualify for a scholarship, students must comply with the minimum internal requirements from ABC, as well as achieving the required results of the external assessment. The external assessment is managed by AIEC, and will based on standard examinations.
  7. The external assessment fees are to be paid by the parents of the students who sit these exams.
  8. The scholarships are given as a discount in the following year’s tuition fees. Students who achieve a scholarship for the following year, but choose to leave ABC lose the right to the scholarship.
  9. The internal requirements for primary and secondary consists of the following:
    • Minimum C in English, mathematics and science (biology, chemistry and physics for Key Stage 4) in the end of year grade report
    • Minimum B in history, geography and ICT in the end of year grade report
    • Minimum ‘Good’ in behaviour in all three terms
  1. Students who achieve the minimum requirements which are the grades as specified above, are qualified for stage 2, which consists of external exams in English, mathematics and science (biology, chemistry and physics for Key Stage 4). The minimum requirements are as follows:
    • Primary (Year1-6):
      1. 40% scholarship: Minimum one A* and one A in Key Stage 1, and a minimum of one A* and two A’s in Key Stage 2
      2. 20% scholarship: Maximum one B and the other grade(s) A or A*
    • Secondary (Year 7-13):
      1. 100% scholarship: Minimum one A* and two A’s or win first place at an international subject Olympiads (the list of the Olympiads will be given)
      2. 70% scholarship: Minimum A in all exams, or win a second place at an international subject Olympiads, and win a first place at a subject Olympiads in Azerbaijan
      3. 50% scholarship: Maximum one B, and an A or A* in the other exams
  1. It will be possible for students to qualify for scholarships from this year onwards. The scholarship exams will be held in June 2016. The exact date will be communicated to the parents later on.
  2. These scholarships only apply to tuition fees, and do not include uniforms, books, food or other services.
  3. In cases where students have a sibling discount and achieve a scholarship, we will grant only one-higher one.
  4. This rule will carry the power for the academic year 2016-2017. SOCAR reserves the right to make any changes to the conditions in the following academic year.