Communication & Complaints

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Communication & Complaints

Communication & Complaints

Channels of Communication

Messages from school are normally through ISAM’s/Email, or writing. To contact the school, it is recommended that parents use email or their child’s diary. Word-of-mouth messages through children or friends should not be used. When children are absent, parents should let the office know by telephone. Your child’s Form Tutor, Class Teacher or specialist subject teacher contact email can be requested by calling the school or via their student planner.  


Communication and Complaints

The first point of contact for parents concerning general issues (conduct and progress) is the Class Teacher in Preschool/Primary and the Form Tutor in Secondary.  They have an overview of your child and so are best placed to resolve any issues swiftly.   If it is a subject specific concern (academic), parents should contact the subject teacher.  Any extra-curricular concerns should be followed up, in the first instance with the coach or class instructor. 

If you feel the issue was not resolved, or your complaint not taken seriously, then the next point of contact is the Heads of Key Stage or Head of Subject (if academic).  This is again escalated upwards following the flow diagrams (images below), if the issue remains a concern.

If the issue concerns child safeguarding, the DDSL (see middle leaders place link here) should be contacted directly.  If the issue is one of Child Protection, the School Vice Principal should be contacted immediately.