The mission of the Azerbaijan British College (ABC) is to inspire and encourage a lifelong love of reading and learning in our school community whilst supporting the curricular and co-curricular programmes of ABC and promoting international mind-set.

We strive to be a learning area that is an integral part of the school community. The library supports teaching, learning and research in an intellectually and culturally open environment.

Our professional staff strive to work collaboratively with teachers to create authentic learning for all students, to encourage effective use of ideas and information, to provide quality resources, to encourage reading for pleasure and to help students stay informed in a rapidly changing world.



Science Laboratories

Our fully equipped Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs provide an open environment for students to experiment and do research work. All secondary pupils study the three strands of science and their lessons are timetabled for full use of the laboratories.


Our primary school has its own science lab which is available for use in primary science lesons.




Sports facilities designed to fuel holistic development

Our comprehensive suite of facilities covers sports and fitness as well as creative and artistic pursuits. They are designed to provide wonderful educational experiences for your child.

Our team comprises highly qualified and experienced professionals. The students are tutored and mentored by committed coaches, who use their knowledge and expertise to help young talent realise their potential. We offer a sports programme in a nurturing environment for young people.


The school has a large, indoor swimming pool with an additional pool for toddlers in the kindergarten area. Students enjoy swimming round the year. Apart from being a competitive sport, swimming is a lifesaving activity and is compulsory for every student in the campus.

Sports Hall

We boast a large, indoor sports hall equipped with spectator seating.  This houses our indoor sports including soccer and volleyball, and a full size basketball court.

The school also has an outdoor basketball court and two tennis courts.  We have an all-weather football pitch.


We have a wide range of fitness equipment for use by older pupils and staff and the mirrored area is a dance and gymnastic area for all pupils.

Early Years

Our kindergarten and Key Stage 1 children enjoy a separate playground with adventure equipment, in a shady area of the school.







ABC has its own planetarium – a facility which makes our school to stand out from other international schools in Baku. ABC students will be able to see planets, stars, constellations and galaxies in a small group environment; allowing them to ask questions and see the answers. Through this facility, the students will get a feel of the pulsating stream of astronomy, watch the night sky or simply train in celestial navigation.

Students will experience an environment where they can enjoy a journey of exploration of space in a simulated setting. The Planetarium fills the prevalent "gap of astronomy" in the education system whilst motivating students to pursue science as a hobby and career. The course material -- primarily films, will be tailored to suit each age group.

The Planetarium enables teachers to plan lessons using a range of programs and internet based sites. Students will love looking and learning about the stars and planets.







We have a large air-conditioned auditorium.  Our auditorium has a good sound system and stage lighting. It has the capacity to seat 340 people on comfortable, upholstered seats whilst on the large stage students can showcase their talents through various activities, presentations and talks.  






At ABC we will encourage our students to develop healthy eating habits from an early age.

We provide a range of healthy choices that students are able to choose from with a variety of hot foods, fruits and vegetables, eliminating added sugar and salt.

Our school main Dining Hall is a spacious, bright and welcoming environment, encouraging our students to socialise and practise their table manners as they eat.

Our youngest students have their own, smaller and secluded area in the kindergarten area where their food is prepared in a separate kitchen.





The School has two computer laboratories with 40 (?) computers in each lab accessible to students. It has advanced infrastructure in terms of hardware and software which cater to the requirements of the students, teachers and the curriculum. The school is equipped with a dedicated broadband Internet connection for enterprising students get a chance to be familiar with the Internet. They do comprehensive research for their projects and presentations.