Which examinations does ABC offer to the secondary students?  In Year 11 students begin a course of study in their chosen IGCSE subjects. 

Is IGCSE accepted by the local universities?  IGCSE is accepted in almost all countries in the world but currently not in Azerbaijan.

Does ABC offer a range of modern languages?  All of our students study Azerbaijani and English.  From Year 3 students also study Russian or Mandarin Chinese.  Should there be sufficient demand parents can also opt for private tuition in other languages and we currently offer a choice of languages from French, German and Spanish. 

Does ABC provide extra support in English? Proficiency in English is vital and we provide support to help our students to reach necessary levels.

Does ABC offer extra-curricular activities?  Teachers offer a wide range of after school clubs which include sporting activities, art and handicrafts as well as the more studious offerings such as languages and book club. These clubs are free-of-charge although parents may need to provide materials such as ingredients for the cookery club.

We have outside bodies who can give the students the opportunity to study specialized subjects such as STEM Engineering, Chess taught under the guidance of a Grand Master, Taekwondo and Mental maths.  Those clubs which are provided by outside organisations require a payment.