Working at ABC

ABC is a very pleasant place to work. The school is new, and has modern facilities. The classes are small, with up to 20 students in each classroom. Teachers normally start work at 07.45 am, and classes end at 3.15 pm for primary and 4.00 pm for secondary. Each teacher also offers one after school activity (depending on their interests and background) one hour per week,

 The buses pick up and take teachers and other staff between the school campus and the local Metro station. We have different timings for those who want to use the gym, the swimming pool, or prefer to do more of their preparation and planning at school.

 Our lessons are 45 minutes, and the maximum number of lessons taught by the teachers in any one week is 30, i.e. 22 ½ hours per week. In reality, the teaching load is somewhat lower though, averaging around 27 lessons (20 ¼ hours).

 Before each new academic year, we have an induction week, with special emphasis for newly contracted teachers.

 For more information, please see the school brochure.

 Job vacancies

At ABC, we welcome applications from suitable candidates for any teaching position, at any time.