It is our responsibility to safely prepare and serve to our students and staff.  We have very experienced and accomplished chefs in this sector. Food safety issues are an essential part of our kitchen. The staff of our canteen, as a food workers, recognize their responsibilities such as personal hygiene, hand-washing, avoiding bare hand contact, personal habits, cooking and keeping hot food hot, cooling and keeping cold foods cold and in the prevention of contamination (washing, rinsing, and sanitizing).

As food workers our chefs always remember how to keep high-risk food, store raw foods below cooked foods, store food in suitable, covered containers, avoid refreezing thawed foods, check and observe the use-by dates on food products and take special care with high-risk foods.

ABC is committed to providing healthy school meals and snacks to the students and staff.

We provide more than 1,000 000 meals per year to students and staff, and employ more than 6 members in our canteen. 

All of our school menus, nutrition and allergen information can be found on our Menu.

  • View breakfast, lunch and supper menus for early Years
  • Lunch menus for school students
  • View nutrition and allergen information

If your child requires a special diet provided daily by the school cafeteria, a prescription written in English by your physician indicating the medical necessity must be sent to School Doctor.


The school doctor is in charge of providing medical care to pupils. The main task of the school doctor’s activities lies in preventive medical care, but at the same time the role of the school doctor is providing early identification of problems, interventions and promoting health and safety, intervention with actual and potential health problems, provision of case management services and actively collaborating with parents.

In addition, school doctor may provide interventions for acute and chronic illness, injuries and emergencies, communicable diseases, obesity, mental health, dental disease and nutrition.

The most important tasks of school doctors are:

  • Continuing care of pupils
  • Cooperation with other medical institutions in the education sector (such as school psychologists)
  • Examining all pupils in the course of the school year. Documentation of the examination results in the health file of the pupil
  • Informing parents or legal guardian in the case of pupils presenting a health risk;

School doctors are responsible for preventive measures, for promoting and maintaining the health  of the pupils as well as for monitoring the teachers’ and staff health.

Please inform us about any special requirements your children might have (allergies, being vegetarian, any religious dietary requirements). Please also inform us if there are temporary dietary requirements, for instance related to health issues.


Summer Language Courses for Teenagers.

Their summer courses for teenagers run July – September and offer students the opportunity to study English in a vibrant environment and take part in a variety of excursions and social activities while being based at some of the country’s most prestigious universities and colleges. Their summer language courses also benefit from full accreditation from the British Council.

The University of Westminster campus used by LSC is in Harrow, North West London. There is an excellent pedestrianised shopping area here and the town is well serviced by rail, bus and underground (Metropolitan Line) links with central London. Harrow is a short walk away from the pretty town of Harrow-on-the-Hill which is home to the prestigious Harrow School, where Winston Churchill was a pupil.

Accommodation: Students are hosted in the excellent single or twin en-suite accommodation which the campus offers. All the rooms are furnished to a very high standard, each with private toilet, shower and washbasin facilities. There is a kitchen area for every eight rooms.

Residential students receive a lunch voucher at weekends in place of a packed lunch.

Giggleswick Summer Courses 2015

Students of ABC have approximately 2 weeks in the Yorkshire Dales, Giggleswick Summer Courses. Giggleswick offers 24hr care, full board, a full activity programme and a cultural trip on the Saturday. The food and accommodation is of an excellent standard as is the well-established pastoral care, with supervision and a full evening programme. During adventurous trip students improve their skills, enjoy excellent facilities, and improve their leadership, team work and problem solving skills, as well.. Through the Drama curriculum the students are provided with opportunities to develop practical skills in the form of acting, directing, devising, make-up, set and costume design and stage management. They present their own performances in the theatre

Giggleswick is a boarding school, where the students are looked after by a team of House Staff. The majority of the pupils attending are international students who are full boarders.  Students share a room with other international students who come from all over the world.

Giggleswick offers the students excellent recreational activities like swimming, lifesaving, Fives, indoor cricket nets, table tennis, mixed hockey, badminton, squash and speed training. Pupils from the school have been selected to represent the district and their country in a variety of sports.

The students are taken to several places by bus: Settle and the surrounding area and nearby cities such as Manchester and Blackpool,

Students are provided with the meals 3 times a day: breakfast, lunch, supper.




At the beginning of each term students are offered a range of extra-curricular activities.  Some of the clubs are run by outside bodies and there is a fee for these to cover specialist instruction and in some cases equipment.  Some clubs are run by the teachers and these are free-of-charge although students may need to provide ingredients for cookery clubs, or fabrics for sewing club.  Students may usually choose to do 2 clubs each week and the choices may vary according to the interests and skills of the teachers.

The activities offered include sports (some of these are paid clubs with specialist coaches):





There are clubs for those who prefer the practical subjects such as:




Some teachers like to offer clubs linked to school subjects such as:

Extra English

Reading Club

There are some specialist activities run by outside bodies and fees have to be paid for participation.  These special clubs include:


Mental Maths

Stem engineering (robotics)

Some sports