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Food Service

It is our responsibility to safely prepare and serve to our students and staff.  We have very experienced and accomplished chefs in this sector. Food safety issues are an essential part of our kitchen. The staff of our canteen, as a food workers, recognize their responsibilities such as personal hygiene, hand-washing, avoiding bare hand contact, personal habits, cooking and keeping hot food hot, cooling and keeping cold foods cold and in the prevention of contamination (washing, rinsing, and sanitizing).

As food workers our chefs always remember how to keep high-risk food, store raw foods below cooked foods, store food in suitable, covered containers, avoid refreezing thawed foods, check and observe the use-by dates on food products and take special care with high-risk foods.

ABC is committed to providing healthy school meals and snacks to the students and staff.

We provide more than 1,000 000 meals per year to students and staff, and employ more than 6 members in our canteen. 

All of our school menus, nutrition and allergen information can be found on our Menu.

  • View breakfast, lunch and supper menus for early Years
  • Lunch menus for school students
  • View nutrition and allergen information

If your child requires a special diet provided daily by the school cafeteria, a prescription written in English by your physician indicating the medical necessity must be sent to School Doctor.

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