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Exams & Assessment

Ayan Etibar-01

Ayan Etibar

Head of Examinations

What does the Exams Office do?

ABC is accredited by the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan, and is approved to deliver the international qualifications of the Edexcel and Cambridge international examination boards.
The Examination Office centrally administers the examination process, in relation to programs delivered by Azerbaijan British College (ABC). The overarching aim of the Examinations Office is to provide an efficient and effective service, to both our student population and staff across the breadth of our organization.
The Examination Office is principally concerned with the effective timetabling of all exams within ABC. Our remit also includes:

  • Providing suitable venues for students to complete examinations.
  • Providing alternative examination venues for students with disabilities.
  • Scheduling and timetabling examinations.
  • Dispatching, security and distribution of examination papers.
  • Compilation and issuing of exam results to students.
  • Training and managing our Invigilation team and External Examiners.
  • The organization of Examination Board meetings.
  • Supporting the timely flow of information to students and staff.

Examination Successes

Students at ABC have continued to achieve excellent results in the Cambridge/ Edexcel IGCSE and A Level examinations which are set at the end of year 11 and Year 13. It is the examinations that enable our students to gain places at universities around the world.