Living in Baku

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Living in Baku

Living in ​Baku

Baku is a fascinating mix of ancient and modern.  There is plenty to admire from its 15thcentury walled city to the stunning glass-fronted 21st century skyscrapers.  It is a pleasant, easy place to live. The climate is good with hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters.  If you like winter sports then there are ski resorts only a couple of hours travel away from the city.  Baku has excellent transport networks with the Metro and buses covering the entire city and making moving around easy.  Supermarkets are in abundance and fresh produce is plentiful in season.  You can buy almost anything you desire although it may not be your favourite home brand.

Baku, famous with its alias “The City of Winds”, is the capital and the biggest city of Azerbaijan. Beside this, Baku is also a commercial hub of the country.  Baku attracts thousands of tourists from various parts of the world. There are numerous reasons which make Baku unique, however the most noteworthy features include history, culture and architecture.  The city combines cultures of both East and West. You will be delighted with the historical landmarks surrounded by modern skyscrapers. Baku is proud of its modern and advancing infrastructure. The public transport system provides a possibility  to travel across the city in safety and with ease. There is a underground metro system that connects the city.



There are plenty of things in Baku which will never let its visitors and citizens get bored. Baku has alluring landmarks and places to be visited. Thanks to its abundance of parks and sightseeing, you will always find a place to walk with your family, friends, and pets. The most remarkable places for walking and hanging out are Baku Boulevard, the city parks and Nizami Street. They are the living soul of Baku.

A number of libraries, big malls, cafes, pubs and restaurants welcome their visitors on a daily basis. Moreover, many of them have  live music and performances. Throughout the year there are different events, parties, and festivals being organized. The sincere and warm side of Baku are its tea houses called “Chaykhana” where you can enjoy a delicious tea accompanied with traditional sweets like shekerbura, pakhlava, and murabba.  There are a lot of historic monuments and museums around the city and particulalrly in the old city Icerisher.  Sites well worth seeing include Maiden Tower, Palace of The Shirvanshahs, Atashgah (Fire Temple), Azerbaijan Carpet Museum, The National Museum of History of Azerbaijan, Museum of Miniature Books and finally Azerbaijan State Museum of Art and others. Of course there are many others.

There are many cafés and restaurants offering a wide variety of international cuisine and prices are generally very reasonable.  Shopping is good and designer labels are matched by the very affordable clothes in the magaza.  The medical care is good with a wide range of choices and English is spoken in some hospitals.  Baku also has plenty of green spaces with the lovely boulevard park fronting the Caspian Sea, as the jewel in the crown.

The weather in Baku is warm, characterized by its moderate winter and hot summer. Thanks to its subtropical climate, all seasons are observed in Baku. Summer is usually long, sunny and hot.  This makes it ideal therefore possible to enjoy the Caspian Sea from various beaches in and around Baku.

 Baku is one of the cheapest capital cities to live in having an advanced city infrastructure and high quality of life with relatively low cost of living. The average prices in Baku are approximately 50%-70% cheaper than London. This means that wages go much further.

In Azerbaijan, the national currency Azerbaijani Manat (AZN) and is used IN almost all transactions. Although the daily exchange rate may vary, the average price of Azerbaijani Manat is approximately 1 AZN= 0.52 EUR/ 0.59 USD/ 0.44 GBP.